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Wonderland (2023)

based on the story of Alice in Wonderland

for piano, flute, clarinet, and cello

30 minutes

Numinous Bodies (2021)

a collection of short pieces - ongoing

for solo piano

Piano Quintet (2020)

commissioned by the Royal Philharmonic Society

15 minutes

Three Preludes (2020)

for solo piano

8 minutes

String Trio (2019)

for violin, viola, and cello

6 minutes 20"

A sweet, wild note (2018)

for mezzo-soprano, two violins, horn, percussion, and birdsong

9 minutes

A hymn for St Cecilia (2018)

for tenor voice and piano

6 minutes 20"

Dartington 6 a.m. (2017)

for string quartet

6 minutes

a starling with winter coat (2017)

for clarinet in Bb and percussion

6 minutes

Fledgling (2017)

for clarinet in Bb and percussion

8 minutes 30"

Billow (2017)

for solo flute

9 minutes 30"

the archaic articulation of sexuality (2016)

for chamber orchestra

7 minutes

the archaic articulation of sexuality (2015)

for woodwind quintet

14 minutes

prelude non mesuré (2015)

for solo piano

approximately 4 minutes

Serpentine (2015)

for singing solo saxophonist

5 minutes

Canon Y (2014)

for percussion quartet

6 minutes

My Talking Mind (2014)

for tenor voice and electric guitar

9 minutes 30"

they, who fly with wings of glass (2013)

for bass flute and cello

5 minutes

Fugue and Fantasy (2012)

for solo piano

7 minutes


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