Tasting Platter

A varied selection of some of my favourite tunes.

JUMP - OST (2021)

Directed by Rosa Crompton

A writhing and densely-packed electronic score. Prepare yourself with some good speakers/headphones.

Coming Home - One (2018)

Beautiful, earth-shattering, satanic horns to spice up one's most satisfying nightmare (or dystopian fantasy).


Incidental music for the play by Sophie Treadwell

An eery and dramatic score for string quartet, supporting Edward Dick's bold, brutal, and brilliant production. 

Dumbledore is So Gay (2021)

Music for the theatre show, directed by Tom Wright.

The name says it all, doesn't it? 

Microsoft Inspire (2019)

Music for the opening video of a Microsoft conference in D.C.

Get ready to skydive into a secret lair and defeat evil alongside your superhero buddies. Or something epic like that.

Same Different Each All (2019)

Commissioned by Microsoft for an installation in Las Vegas

From solo piano to soulful tunes to syncopated drums, this one is a journey. The brief was to be ever-changing, and ever-change it does.

Me, My Germs, and James OST (2019)

Directed by Anastasiia Vorotniuk

A light-hearted and quirky OST for a coming-of-age rom-com:

Orchestral sounds, tongues a-clicking, and a chorus of elastic-band-covered lunchboxes.